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SINGULARITY at Q-Theatre – Wed 2nd Nov – 7.30pm

  SINGULARITY :: MArch(Prof) Thesis Project by Yinan Liu and Ying Miao performed at Q Theatre on Wed 2.11.16 at 7.30pm SINGULARITY blends data, dance, music and architecture in an immersive performance that transports...


Festival for the Future – 23 – 25 September 2016

Inspiring Stories flagship event for young leaders, innovators and changemakers is coming to you this September 23-25! You can register and get tickets here: Festival for the Future will provide you a chance...


Invitation to the Performance Night:  Hyphen // HyperSpace

HyperSpace 2.0 is a collaboration between Architecture, Dance Studies, and Music. The installation HyperSpace creates an Augmented (Hyper) Reality world. It generates interactive digital light constructions in space, visible without the need of any...


The Art of Recovery

As demolition gangs reduce ruins to rubble, a dynamic group of artists and entrepreneurs are bringing life back to the streets of post-quake Christchurch. A lively and beautifully filmed documentary, The Art of Recovery...


Catherine Fookes’s Exhibition HANDMADE

The painter as material torturer: Catherine Fookes throws stuff at her paintings and sees what sticks. Then she rips it off again. Paint and repeat, painfully, until layer upon layer become palimpsest, process becomes...

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