VUW Summer School – Indigenous Computation – Nov/Dec 2016



Points Value: 15pts

This year’s Summer School will be hosted jointly between Victoria University Wellington and the esteemed Te Puia – Maori Arts and Crafts Institute in Rotorua.

Collaboration: The Summer School will provide an open forum for carvers and weavers to interact with primary users of digital tools – in particular 3d modelling software and digital fabrication with an aim to assess and understand this emerging area through a series of design challenges.

Aims/ Objectives: Our objective will be to explore new cultural and computational synergies through a focus on hybrid digital fabrication methods over a variety of scales. We will investigate relationships and opportunities around the use of advanced digital tools, software and mechanical production and digital fabrication techniques in relation to constantly evolving Maori arts and crafts. How might we navigate the complex cross cultural implications of computation, 3d modelling software, and rapid prototyping. How might the effects and applications of this relatively new medium be considered or managed in relation to Maori knowledge of craft, custom, tikanga and material culture?

How might this work? From our interactions with a range of artists and specialists in Maori arts and crafts, students will be expected to explore a range of manual (analogue) and digital design research methods. A range of computational techniques, modelling styles and representational (drawing/visualisation) methods will be encouraged, as will be the use of small scale fabrication 3d printers.

What are the outcomes? Students will each produce a 1 :5 scale model of which one (or a hybrid of a selection) will be selected to be constructed at 1: 1 scale for a local site close to Te Puia. Students will generally learn a ‘file to production’ method through the use of digital tools and small scale modelling, before embarking on a larger scale collaborative built work.


11th November.
Research Overview and Process.
Location/ Venue: Victoria University Wellington

14th November.
Brief 01 Issue/ Lecture.Team/ lndiv. start.

15th Nov. Seminar/ Lecture/ Panel Discussion.
Kaupapa Maori – Terms of reference for student work.

16th Nov. Incubation
Formal Charrettes + Reviews.
Clustered Rhinoceros + Grasshopper Workshop in studio + Maya.

17th – 18th Nov. Hands-on
Clustered Rhinoceros + Grasshopper Workshop in studio + Maya.

Incubated Pavilion Project Concept+ Review
Targeted generative methods.
Curves, points, panelling, fabrication.
Fabrication – workshop/ studio.

Seminars: parametric/panellising methods/computational research delivered in studios.

2 1st – 22nd Nov.
Pavilion Project Concept Delivery/ Analogue/digital/Fabrication.

23nd Nov. Pin up/ Atrium
Review (Reviewers TBC).

28th Nov. Travel to Rotorua – Bus, Arrive 2pm.

29 th November to the 09th December.
MACI Onsite (individual + teamwork)
11 day intensive design and constructprogramme.

10th December.
Return to Wellington.

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