Invitation to the Performance Night:  Hyphen // HyperSpace

01 HyperSpace Invite

HyperSpace 2.0 is a collaboration between Architecture, Dance Studies, and Music. The installation HyperSpace creates an Augmented (Hyper) Reality world. It generates interactive digital light constructions in space, visible without the need of any additional devices (goggles, screens, helmets etc).

The principle was developed at the arc/sec Lab for Spatial Digital Operations at the School of Architecture and Planning. It is explored and refined in an ongoing MArch(Prof) Thesis project by Yinan Liu and Ying Miao.

Co-working and co-imagining through creative practice in the spaces between disciplines, the evening hosted by Dance Studies will comprise of Hyphen, a series of duets for solo dancers and live musicians, and the first public sharing of the HyperSpace project.

Date: 04 June 2016 at 7pm

Venue: Kenneth Myers Centre

Location: 74 Shortland Street, Auckland Central

Contact email:

Free Admission:. Places are strictly limited, so bookings are essential:


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