Monthly Archive: April 2016


3ds Mas – Animation

3ds Max 2014 Interface Review for animation 3ds Max 2014 Animation Fundamentals 3ds Max 2014 Move Rotate and Scale Animations 3ds Max 2014 Camera Animation 3ds Max 2014 Animation Modifiers 3ds Max Animating Materials...


OML Portable 3D Scanner

OML’s 3D scanner is available for use by our students, faculty, and staff, free of charge. 3D scanner is a device that analyses a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape...


3ds Max- Modeling Architecture

Tutorial Modeling Architecture In 3DS Max Part 1 : Intro Tutorial Modeling Architecture In 3DS Max Part 2 : Create Wall Tutorial Modeling Architecture In 3DS Max Part 3: Create Floor Tutorial Modeling Architecture...


Architects Without Frontiers – Nepal Trip 2016/2017

For the eleventh consecutive year, Architects Without Frontiers and Aussie Action Abroad offer Architects, Architecture Students and all related construction & design professionals and students an opportunity to travel to Nepal, contribute to the rural Nepali communities...


The Geneva Challenge 2016

The 2016 edition of The Geneva Challenge – Advancing Development Goals International Contest for graduate students. This year students are invited to develop analysis-based proposals on “The Challenges of Urbanisation”. The 2016 edition of...

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