The Studio at the Edge of the World – 2017 Learning Event

In partnership with the Creative Exchange Institute,

University of Tasmania


Learning Event 2017 – Launceston, Tasmania, January 2-22

A Room Without a View & the Camps – Event Outline

There is a major global problem of growing prison populations.
So often prisons create more problems than they solve and become
institutions of instruction in crime. Dominantly prison populations come
from the most disadvantaged ethnic groups and social classes.
At the most progressive, some prisons aim to humanise the
incarcerated, but mostly they do the reverse.
Population pressure, rapid urbanisation, the displacement of people
by conflict and climate change impacts all now converge to expand
the nature of criminalisation.

This event will explore the issues, and examine ideas that radically
redirect how prisons and refugee camps are conceptualised, designed
and function with particular reference to liberatory forms of social
change and education.

The program will be directed by Professor Tony Fry, and limited
to 25 people selected from around the world. For more details
and instructions on making an expression of interest go to the
Learning Event section of Studio. For details of the event held in 2016
see the News section.

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