Esa Laaksonen – ‘Alvar Aalto’s Maison Carré / Archetypal Architecture’ Wed 26 March, 6.30pm Design Lecture Theatre


Esa Laaksonen

Wed 26 March, 6.30pm Design Lecture Theatre

Alvar Aalto’s Maison Carré / Archetypal Architecture

Alvar Aalto’s French masterpiece, was completed in 1959 at Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, between Paris and Chartres for the wealthy art dealer Louis Carré. The villa is a total work of art where Finnish design and craftsmanship are put to the fore. The interiors were constructed to accomodate Carré’s extenisve collection of Modern art and remain exceptional within the Aalto oeuvre. Alvar and Elissa detailed the house with their purpose-built, now famous furniture, fittings, lamps and textiles. Visitable since 2006, the Maison Carré is owned and is being restored by the Association Alvar Aalto en France. Esa Laaksonen will detail the design process of the Maison Carré, one of Aalto’s few single-family projects.


Esa Laaksonen is a Helsinki architect who has been Director of the Alvar Aalto Akatemia since 1999. The AAA iis renowned for a prestigious annual design conference, alternately practitioner and scholar focused, at the University of Jyväskylä in central Finland which was designed by Aalto. Laaksonen has taught architecture at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (formerly Aalto’s Otaniemi-Helsinki University of Technology) since 1983. He has also edited Arkkitehti and taken the role of exhibition director at The Finnish Museum of Architecture in Helsinki. His latest book Alvar Aalto Architect. 5: Paimio Sanatorium 1928-32 was published in 2013.

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