Housing Choice: The Human Dimension

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You are invited to attend Ann Dupuis and Penny Lysnar’s Communique lecture Housing Choice: The Human Dimension on Thursday 8th May at 12pm in the Design Lecture Theatre (423-348).
The notion of greater housing ‘choice’ is firmly embedded in urban intensification planning and policies and is largely represented by a focus on housing typologies. For example, in Auckland it is claimed that apartment buildings and terrace houses offer greater housing choice. However, what is often overlooked in this rendition of housing choice are the people who are making choices to live in intensive environments and the extent to which their choices are exercised within sets of constraints. With reference to housing choice data from selected case studies of intensive housing sites in Auckland, we focus on the human dimension of choice making, and explore the constraints and trade-offs that lie behind housing decisions.
No registration or RVSP is required for this event, but seating is limited so please arrive on time to ensure a seat.

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