Digital Print Centre


The Creative Arts and Industries Digital Print Centre (previously the Large Format Print Centre) is a unique large format print service available to students and staff across the whole University.


Level 2 Student Centre of the School of Architecture and Planning.

Opening Hours:

1-5pm from Monday to Friday including extended hours near crit week.

General Information:

Requests may be made at anytime. Students must top up their swipe card with funds, drop their file in the digitalPrintCentre dropbox and fill in a request form. Students will receive an email when the file is ready to be collected.

Urgent prints can be organised with technician. Turn around times are usually same day. Prints can be completed very quickly but it depends on the details of the request and the time of year but it is unusual to take more than a day.

Paper samples are available in the computer labs around the faculty or from outside the print centre. We are primarily a fine art printing service and provide a small range of papers, supports custom print sizes.

With a newly acquired printer, specifically for Architecture and Planning students as a faster and cheaper option, print prices have been recently updated and located here.

For more information on how to prepare and submit a print please visit the Digital Print Centre webpage.

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