Visualising the Future of the City

Visualising the Future of the City

What will your city look like in 2065?CAA Students Competition Brief

‘London as Venice’ © Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, Aerial
photograph Jason



Cities throughout the world are facing unprecedented changes and the United Nations
predicts that by 2050 nearly 70 percent of the world’s population will be urban. We want to
know how you think your city will respond to such issues as the pressures of population
growth, the impact of climate change and developments in technology.
How will your city capitalise on the opportunities and manage the challenges?
What will the social, economic and environmental consequences be?
What will it look like in 2065?
We invite you to share your thoughts with us, via a 150 word narrative, and a rich, streetlevel
image showing how buildings, technologies, products and services might interact with
the way in which people will live, work and play in 2065.


This competition is being organised and managed by the Royal Institute of British Architects
(RIBA) on behalf of the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), as part of the CAA
50th Anniversary and International Summit hosted by the RIBA. The aim of the competition is
to highlight the diversity of challenges, opportunities and responses faced by cities
throughout the world, from large nation states to small island communities.


Entries for the competition should be submitted to the School Office by 4pm on Friday May 1st.
The entries will be judged by a panel from the School, with the result being given by May 6th. This winning entry will then be registered with the RIBA.

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