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BIM Curriculum Unit 3 – Green Building Design

Unit 3 Lesson 1 Tutorial 1: Finding the optimum Building Orientation In this exercise, students will learn how to: Prepare BIM models for energy analysis. Export model geometry using the gbXML file format. Import...


BIM Curriculum Unit 2 – BIM Design Process

Unit 2 Lesson 1 Tutorial 1: Defining and Displaying Areas and Area Plans In this exercise, students will learn how to: Create gross building type area plans with custom area type parameters and color...


BIM Curriculum Unit 1 – BIM Basics

Lesson 1: Modeling Building Elements In this lesson, students explore basics techniques for using the Autodesk® Revit® Architecture software to create a building information model of a simple structure—a one-story residence. They will learn how to:...


Autodesk Revit – Getting Started Tutorial Playlist

Getting Started Video Tutorials for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 This tutorial is conceived to allow an easy start with Autodesk Revit Architecture and to get an extensive overview of the power of building information...

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